1. General regulations:
  • UAB Walk15 (Company) with the respect for its clients‘ and visitors‘ (Clients) of the website and mobile app #walk15 (Site),  the right to privacy and obliges to make sure the data of the client is protected.
  • This privacy policy regulates the main principles and procedures of the client data gathering, managing and protecting.
  • While using the Site, buying items of the Company or using the main services, you agree with the regulations of Privacy Policy (except the data managing processes, for which we will need your second agreement.). The Client agrees with terms and conditions of Privacy Policy when registering in the Site system of clients, marking the „I agree“. Privacy Policy is on the Site
  • We manage your data on the regulation of 2016-04-27 Europe Parliament and Board Reglament (ES) 2016-679 about person protection whle managing personal data and about free movement of such data, which deletes the Directive 95/46/EB (Regulation), The Republic of Lithuania‘s Personal Data Law Protection (ADATAĮ), The Republic of Lithuania‘s Electronic Connection Law (ERĮ) and other regulations which regulate personal data protection.
  1. The Concept of Privacy Policy.
  • Personal Data – any information about a person with identity; a person whose identity can be indentified with identificator – name, surname, insurance number, location, genetic, psychic, economic or social identity features.
  • Data entity – physical person, a client of a Company (visitors of the Site as well), whose personal data is being collected by the Company.
  • Data Entity Agreement – any agreement given by free will, which gives the Company permission to manage personal data.
  • Data Management – automatic or manual operations, when the data is being gathered, recorded, protected, adapted, given to send and sharing with other data limitation and deleting.
  • Data Manager – a person or a Company, institution, agency, which on the name of Data Manager, manages personal data.
  • Data Manager – UAB Walk15, a Company opened by the regulations of the Republic of Lithuania. Code: 305208218, address: A. Goštauto g. 8-314, LT-01108 Vilnius.
  • Cookie – small text information, automatically created while on the Site and is saved in your device.
  • Direct Marketing – an activity which is sent to mail, phone or another way of direct promotion for products and services and (or) inquire opinion about it.
  1. What personal data are we using?
  • The Company uses data which you display while registering, ordering products or services on the Site: Name, surname phone number, email, address, other information such as paying details. Your personal data is protected by the Company, during the cooperation and 10 years after the cooperation is finished.
  • Your personal data, which you displayed while registering, booking products and services on the Site, the Company manages data – this information is automatically taken from your computers and other devices when you log in to Site: IP addresses and times, version and type of browser, websites visited before coming to our Site, etc. This data is protected by the Company during cooperation time according to the data, up to 1 year from the end of this time. The data can be protected longer if there are other legal requirements for such keeping period.
  1. For what purpose is your data being managed?
  • The Company is responsible for managing personal data for these purposes: to identify the clients in the information system, when registering on the Site or logging in to your account in order to buy products or services, to administrate and manage finances, bookings, contacting you, etc.
  1. How is your data being managed?
  • The Company makes sure that your personal data will be managed with a legal form, according to specific regulations and adequate goals. The Company will not manage that data which is not combined in any way with legal forms.
  1. Your rights as a subject.
  • You have these subject data rights which we will carry out once we receive your request by email or by post on the address A. Goštauto g. 8-314, LT-01108 Vilnius, when your prove your identity:
  • Get to know your personal data and how it is being managed;
  • Ask for any edits needed on your personal data matters;
  • Ask for any additional information according to your personal data;
  • Ask the Company to delete any information about your personal data if:
  • It is no longer needed for the objectives to be met or edited;
  • You cancel your request and there is no other legal agreement to manage your personal data;
  • Personal data was not being managed the way it was supposed to;
  • Other reasons from the Regulation;
  • Ask for a Company to limit you personal data‘s managment:
  • Receive your personal data which you provided to the Company in a usable, simple way and you have the right to ask the Company to move your personal data to other data editor.
  • Disagree that your personal data would be edited for marketing or other purposes.
  • We inform you, that if you notice that your, as a data subject‘s rights are breached, you can write a complaint to National data protection inspection. More information about National data protection inspection and complaint forms is here:
  • More information about the data subject rights find here: https://www.walklt/duomenu-subjektu-teises/.
  1. Personal data management on the purposes of marketing.
  • We will send you newsletters of the Company by email or / and will ask about the quality of service, but only with your agreement and by the rules of the Regulation.
  • Your personal data is being managed by purposes of direct marketing: name, surname, email address.
  • Your personal data on the purpose of direct marketing is protected until you inform that you no longer want to receive direct marketing messages.
  1. Who receives your personal data?
  • The employees of the Company will only receive a permit to your personal data if there is a necessity to meet the goal of managing, but only with signed note of confidentiality.
  • The Company can provide your personal data to: institutions of law, if there is a legal purpose, responding to the requests of the official institutions and courts, but with absolute assurance that these requests are legal, to the third party, with your agreement. To personal data managers, who provide the services to the Company and manage your personal data on behalf of the Company and to the Company or to you:
  • UAB Walk15
  • We select those data managers who assure that appropriate technical and organizational tools would be established in the way that your data management would meet the requests of the Regulation, therefore your personal data would be properly protected.
  • We notice that data managers mentioned above have the rights to manage personal data only according our regulations.
  • Data manager cannot use other data manager’s help without the consent provided in advance by the Company.
  • Your personal data can be provided to other countries, for the purposes of service, but only with your consent.
  1. Cokies.
  • In order for you to browse in the website more easily, we use these cookies:
Cookie Name Description Moment of creation Expiration
_ga Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. When pressing „I agree“ 2 years
_gat* Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate. When entering the page 10 minutes
_gid Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. When pressing „I agree“ 24 hours
cookieconsent_status Created by the Cookie Consent widget and enables you to accept our cookie statement once every year. When pressing „I agree“ 1 year
pll_language This is to remember the last language visited. While entering the page 1 year

10. Links provided in the website.

  • There will be links provided in the website, as well as the social media or law regulations. The third – party websites, whose links are provided in the website, are applied with this website‘s privacy policy and the Company does not take responsibility for the content of the information of the websites, as well as the regulations of privacy policy or the activity.