After connecting to the mobile app #walk15, in the TRACKS section you will find several hundred trails, routes and tracks in different cities and regions of Lithuania and other countries. This section is useful not only for those who want to discover new, interesting and unknown places, but also for those who want to create and share their routes. #walk15 route creation feature is the perfect way for guides, cities, tourist information centers, or just travelers to share their routes on one popular platform. In this way the app enables promoting tourism or making money from the routes you create.

What opportunities does #walk15 open to track developers?

  • • #walk15 – the largest mobile walking and cognition platform used by over 100,000 active users.
  • • This platform will allow developers of existing routes to publicize them conveniently.
  • • App users – potential guests of the city, will use an innovative platform that will make it easy to get to know the place: thematic trails will enrich and provide high added value, and foreign guests will be able to get to know the area on their own.
  • • Tracks in the app can be supplemented with add-on features such as information points, photos, and audio of information points.
  • • #walk15 platform – a great way to integrate local business and promote local tourism. Free option – integration to the unique step wallet installed in the app.
  • • Virtual tracks can be adapted for cyclists, pedestrians, skaters and other alternative sustainable mobility vehicles.
  • • At the choice of the track developer – the tracks can be paid or free.

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