Luminor, together with mobile app #walk15, encourages to save a million steps

Starting from the 13th of July, mobile app #walk15 and Luminor bank initiated a special walking challenge – “Million steps with Luminor”. The goal of it is to encourage physical activity and to help to cope with emotional and healthiness challenges that appeared in the context of quarantine.

The public steps challenge is already active in the mobile app’s section NEW CHALLENGES and it awaits every participant, who is willing to join it and to try to collect one million steps in three months.

Walking boosts productivity

A survey conducted by Luminor showed that currently less than a fifth of Lithuanians are trying to promote active movement at work. However, even 45% of respondents told that they would encourage colleagues to hold external meetings while walking if they would take up management positions.

This is a strong signal for companies to pay more attention to employee health, as long working hours at the computer reduce both employee productivity and their satisfaction in their workplace. Therefore, Luminor and the mobile app #walk15 invite everyone who wants to feel better, to join the challenge, and to strive for a personal step record on a daily basis.

Join the “Million steps with Luminor” challenge on the mobile app #walk15!