The new #walk15 project manager decided to join the team after participating in the steps challenge

The team of the mobile app #walk15 started summer with good news – Jolita Bagdanavičiūtė-Baliukevič, who has many years of management and administration experience in international companies, will join the app team and take up the position of the project manager (Chief Management Officer). What is more, Jolita decided to join the team after participating in a private step challenge.

“The story behind every member of #walk15 team has some interesting facts and circumstances in it, and Jolita’s story isn’t an exception. A few months ago, during Jolita’s participation as a client in a private step challenge, a discussion between us was born, which resulted in Jolita’s decision to join us. We are very happy about that because when planning active development in foreign markets, we want to have a reliable and strong professional in the team who can smoothly manage various business projects. Of course, the best thing is that by joining the team, Jolita willingly agreed to accept our organizational culture as well. From now on, Jolita will cover part of the way to the office on foot,” says Vlada Musvydaitė, the founder and CEO of the mobile app #walk15.

Until now, J. Bagdanavičiūtė-Baliukevič has worked for such international companies as Thermo Fisher Scientific and Sanobiotec, where she was responsible for project management and administration processes. According to Jolita, who is also studying organizational psychology, she has always felt the urge to contribute to activities that change people’s lives and the environment.

“A few months ago, I initiated and oversaw the private step challenge, thus getting up close and personal with the benefits of the #walk15 app within other organizations. I’ve seen people start to move a lot more with this one tool, what motivation they gain, how they focus on sustainability and ecology topics. That’s what fascinated me – the meaning of this app. Meaning for people and the environment. I have always wanted to contribute to meaningful and positively changing activities,” says J. Bagdanavičiūtė-Baliukevič, the chief management officer of the #walk15 app.

The first acquaintance talk with the team, of course, took place while walking. Jolita, who has joined the team in June, is already actively involved in the #walk15 app.