What a Story! Mobile App #walk15 Has a New Business Development Manager

The #walk15 mobile app is growing rapidly. After attracting an investment of several hundred thousand euros, the team of the app begins active development in foreign markets, and Dominykas Cibulskas, who has been following the development of #walk15 since its first steps, takes the lead. D. Cibulskas will hold the position of business development manager in the team.

“Dominykas joining the team sounds incredible. It was with Dominykas and his team that we came up with the idea of the first mass walking event in 2016, which has grown into a unique and one of the largest health events in the country. It was a start of a very beautiful collaboration between us. For this reason, today I am especially happy that this person will take care of the development into foreign markets,” says Vlada Musvydaitė, the founder of the mobile app #walk15.

D. Cibulskas is an expert with many years of international experience in the field of business development and management, famous both in Lithuania and abroad. For more than five years, D. Cibulskas has been the General Manager of the pharmaceutical company Walmark for the Baltic States. He has also headed the sales department of the international company Sanofi, and is still a member of the board of The Association for Key Account Management.

“I have been in business for a very long time. During this time I had to get acquainted with the corporate worldview, see many different businesses, both successful and unsuccessful, and participate in their creation and development processes. I was convinced that to feel good, the most important is the idea of the activity and the opportunity to create significant change. I am glad that by joining the #walk15 team, I will also join the spread of health and sustainability values ​​around the world,” says D. Cibulskas, Business Development Manager of the #walk15 mobile app.

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