Special Earth Day’s initiative – grow 1000 real trees by walking

On the 20th of March, we celebrate World Earth Day. 🌎 On this occasion, a special and unique initiative is launched on the #walk15 app – “A Thousand Reasons to Walk with ERGO” steps challenge. What makes this challenge so special? Virtual trees, that you have grown by walking, will turn into a grove of 1000 real oaks!

Welcoming its 30th birthday, insurance company ERGO invites you to celebrate it together – meaningfully, nurturing health and care for the environment around us. From Earth Day to September, ERGO invites you to walk and grow virtual trees with your whole family, friends and colleagues. 15,000 virtual trees will become 1 real in the challenge, and the overall goal of the challenge is to plant 1,000 real trees in a specially designated area of ​​Verkiai and Pavilniai Regional Park in Lithuania.

So let’s walk together, grow virtual trees, and turn them into a 1000 oak grove!

How to join the challenge?

▪️Open your #walk15 app and press 🏆.

▪️In the NEW CHALLENGES section, select “A thousand reasons to walk with ERGO” and register.

▪️Walk with your family every day and turn your steps into virtual #walk15 trees!

Don’t have the #walk15 app yet? Download it!

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